The Talents

Global goals seen through a local lens

Every year until the culmination of the 2030 Agenda UNLEASH will be held in a new country. The SDGs will be explored through the lens of the host country, using local ways of living, thinking and working to ignite discussion and unlock new perspectives.

In Denmark, the tradition of Folk High Schools is used to gain new ideas for learning, ideation, and development of business plans and new ways of working together.

Folk High Schools are learning institutions focusing on personal development, community and open collaboration. They offer immersive experiences to students of all ages based on values such as democratic debate, practical learning and a citizen-to-citizen approach. Ten Danish Folk High Schools, all situated in the countryside, will host the talents in 2017 and provide the optimal setting for the participants to rethink existing approaches and produce breakthrough solutions.

Next year a new location and a new lens.