15. november 2016

Open Media Science

In this article, we present three challenges to the emerging Open Science (OS) movement: the challenge of communication, collaboration and cultivation of scientific research. We argue […]
5. juli 2016

Integrating Social Sciences and Humanities in Interdisciplinary Research

Recent attempts to integrate the social sciences and humanities (SSH) in funding for interdisciplinary research have been challenged by a number of barriers. In funding programmes, […]
23. juni 2016

Interdisciplinary Cooperation in Horizon 2020

The film focuses on interdisciplinary cooperation in Horizon 2020. Why is it important and what can you achieve in interdisciplinary projects? In the film lecturer David […]
15. juli 2015

Mapping the Public Influence of the Humanities

The humanities are driven both by epistemological and normative interests in a range of topics resulting in a complex topography of the public value of the humanities. […]