The Collaboratorium
Our purpose is to create sustainable and impactful collaboration

The Collaboratorium is a Not for Profit Organization, with the purpose of empowering collaborative culture.

We constantly pursue the development of new methodologies to expand knowledge and practice around collaboration – leveraging the power of film and media, creating digital tools and platforms, and embarking upon in-depth research projects and collaborative experiments.

Film & Media

Tapping into the power of audiovisual media to explore ideas and narratives… Documentary films, animations, short videos, interviews and more


Developing digital platforms and tools to help catalyze and empower collaboration and learning

Research & Experiments

Leading in-depth research projects and experiments to understand the dynamics and possibilities for collaboration in the 21st century

Open Knowledge. Open Media. Open Innovation.

In June 2019, we proudly launch our new book “Kollaboration: Vejen til åben forskning og åben innovation” – a culmination of many years of research and experience exploring  collaboration across sectors, geographies, and cultures.

Knowledge and Wisdom in the Information Age…

Our documentary film, The Open Window, premiered at the CPH:DOX Documentary Film Festival in March 2019. The film explores the nature of learning and knowledge in the information age, set amidst the backdrop of an internet revolution in India.

Collaborative Knowledge. Collaborative Tools.

We have officially launched Thirdroom, a custom-designed digital platform software, created in collaboration with Roskilde University, to help facilitate and empower deep learning and collaboration. With the Thirdroom software we aim to create a sustainable knowledge infrastructure to support the solving of SDG problems. By providing a contemplative, respectful place, where living knowledge networks and projects can grow and inspire meaningful connections and innovations. A place where we can build on each others knowledge and connect across boarders.

The Collaboratorium operates as an Open Media + Research collective, working with a broad variety of artists, filmmakers, designers, researchers, creative coders, animators and more. We assemble custom teams for each project, to match the culture and energy of our collective endeavors.