2019 1542 1856 The Collaboratorium

The Novozymes SDG platform HelloScince is launced as the second collaborative platform to use the THIRDROOM software. Julia M. comes onboard as Art director and graphic designer.


2016-2017 1950 1380 The Collaboratorium

Collaboratorium S/I, a not for profit organisation with the aim of empowering collaboration, is founded by Alfred amongst others. Is to be the hub, where all the accumulated insights are build into a new version of WeCollaboarte.org, which is to be known as THIRDROOM.


2012-2015 768 1024 The Collaboratorium

A Phd. knowledge journey into collaborative digital culture in Silicon Valley, ends with the launch of the documentary, “Collaboration- On the edge of a new paradigm”,  starring Terry Winograd, Vint Cerf, Howard Rehingold and Hubert Dreyfus, who is also Alfreds Supervisor at Berkeley University.


2011 1108 1212 The Collaboratorium

Katja and Alfred hands in their masters, Katja´s about collaborative digital culture and WeCollaborate.orgs interface design and Alfreds about the necessities in our knowledge society.

2008 -2010

2008 -2010 948 597 The Collaboratorium

The collaborative webcommunity WeCollaborate.org is created and run by Alfred Birkegaard and Katja Gry Carlsen as a way to empower the network around CSI (Collabortive Social Innovation).