Our Constitution

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The Collaboratorium is a Not for Profit Organization, with the purpose of empowering collaborative culture.

What is a not for profit?
Not for profit describes a type of organization that does not earn profits for its owners. All of the money earned by or donated to a not-for-profit organization is used in pursuing the organization’s objectives and keeping it running. Typically, not-for-profit organizations are charities or other types of public service organizations.



The purpose of the Not for Profit Organization is to promote, carry out and research collaborative initiatives and projects in the intersection between nature and social sciences, humanities, technology, art and business, with a view to disseminating an in-depth understanding of cross-cutting collaborative culture across societies, organizations, education, businesses and countries. In addition, the institution’s purpose is to contribute with counseling, participation and networking, to promote open collaborative knowledge-creation. The institution’s purpose is non-profit.

1.4 The Not for Profit organization may, in addition to the above, carry out activities which have a natural connection to this purpose, or which are based on knowledge the Collaboratorium, has accumulated.

1.5 Collaboratorium must be independent of economic and commercial interests.

(the original is in danish, because the Collaboratorium originates from Denmark)



  • The Collaboratorium was founded in 2016, by Kristian Martiny, Alfred Birkegaard and David Budzt.
  • It is a self-owned institution (selvejende institution) Collaboratorium S/I, with the CRV number 37918148, which means that there are no owners.
  • The Collaboratorium have worked with different companies, Det Kongelige Teater, Elsass fonden, Carlsbergfonden, Unleash, CPH:DOX, and Roskilde University.
  • When it comes to applying and developing Thirdroom software, Roskilde University  and Novozymes have invested in their version of the platform.
  • There is no ownership (it is selfowned) and the financial structure is based on the salary cost plus 20 percent which goes to administration and the collaboratoriums purpose (empowering collaboration).
  • Because the Collaboratorium is a not for profit, it can aid as a bridge in terms of Public -private- partnerships and work with your organization to apply for foundational funds.


Tore Duvold

As the former director of the Innovation Fund, Denmark, Tore has gained significant experience in leading innovation and people. He has eighteen years’ experience from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, including being Head of Research at Leo Pharma.

Søren Riis

Søren Riis is Dr. Phil. and holds a Ph.D. from Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany. As a serial entrepreneur he focusses on connecting the physical with the digital. Søren is co-founder of GoMore.dk and founder of UrbanWineBox.

Katja Carlsen

Katja has 13 years of experience with digital collaboration. She is Executive Director at THIRDROOM, Roskilde University. Katja holds a MA in Art and Visual Culture, Copenhagen University.