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A documentary and research project exploring knowledge and learning in the internet age…

The Open Window began as a vast film and research project looking at India’s internet revolution: as hundreds of millions of new users come online, how will this network growth impact collaboration around major social and environmental challenges in India?

Over the course of many months and countless miles, we traveled across the country capturing intimate and inspiring stories and interviewing leaders in technology, law, education, activism, media, and more.

The project will manifest in a variety of forms:

The Open Window – Documentary Film: As India races to bring its entire population online, Deepa and Jaya – two young girls from a low-income neighborhood in Delhi – are introduced to the internet for the first time through an internet learning lab at their school. Their time in the lab opens up a whole universe of new ideas and perspectives, and provides them with new ways of thinking about learning, about themselves and about the world around them. When the lab threatens to close and they are forced to consider the implications of having their internet access taken away, their stories provide an intimate reflection on the transformative potential of the internet, and how it affects our sense of self, and our relationships with family, culture, and society. See the trailer below.

Open Source Cinema: The next phase of the project will involve the creation of an ‘open’ web platform – where we will host a library of content from the entire film and research process: short films, rough cuts of the documentary, full interviews with experts, etc.

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